From $0.0007 to $0.1638, an easy 200x increase even after the whole project FAILED?

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4 min readNov 30, 2021


Rainbow Crypto Expo #3:


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The last week we’ve covered IOTA, UNI, BLT, FLOW, and we have seen a rather volatile market for all, Snoopy🐶 here wishes to remind you again that this article is only for sharing what Rainbow 6ix sees as potential but not for the recommendation.

Let’s dive into this week’s Expo now!




Compared with other public chain projects, IOST has mainly innovated and upgraded in terms of consensus mechanisms and virtual machines. PoB (Proof of Burn) can be regarded as an improvement of DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake), which can partially solve the centralization problem of the DPoS consensus mechanism.

Compared with the Ethereum virtual machine EVM, V8VM provides modular functions, granting developers a convenient development environment. The IOST ecology is a highly enclosed ecology, which has advantages and disadvantages. At present, the ecological layout after going overseas has not stopped, and we can pay close attention to it.

Category: Network

Circulating supply: 18.1 billion IOST

Market Cap: 739.4 million USD

Current price: 0.04 USD

Highest in history: 0.1365 USD

Lowest in history: 0.001562 USD

Market value ranking: 131

2. SRM

Serum (SRM) is the world’s first fully decentralized exchange built on Solana that supports cross-chain transactions without the trust of a third party.

Serum has launched various functions after further enhancing the interoperability at the asset level: Serum can interoperate with Ethereum and ERC-20 assets; Serum tokens will also circulate in Ethereum; Serum provides a Bitcoin cross-chain solution; Serum Provides a USD stablecoin solution.

Category: DEX

Circulating supply: 133.23 million SRM

Market Cap: 763.5 million USD

Current price: 5.73 USD

Highest in history: 13.72 USD

Lowest in history: 0.11 USD

Market value ranking: 128


Waves is a customized blockchain token platform designed for large-scale businesses and consumer habits. Waves was created to allow traditional businesses and end-users to enjoy more benefits of blockchain technology. The Waves platform was launched in 2016 and was originally designed to solve the shortcomings of the current blockchain service.

Category: Network

Circulating supply: 106.83 million WAVES

Market Cap: 2.33 billion USD

Current price: 21.81 USD

Highest in history: 41.33 USD

Lowest in history: 0.1227 USD

Market value ranking: 70


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ConstitutionDAO was, quoting their team, a ‘beautiful experiment in a single-purpose DAO’. The public now believes this project has run its course, but many still held PEOPLE as a statement of attitude. Not only that, while last week’s market has seen a fall, PEOPLE was soaring to an all-time high.

The community has taken all actions that it was organized to accomplish: raising capital, bidding at Sotheby’s, and upon losing, making full refunds available to the community as promised. Having lost the auction and following the core team’s choice to wind down, the tokens now possess no rights, governance, or utility other than redeeming them for Ethereum from the smart contract held in Juicebox at a ratio of 1,000,000:1 — the same ratio at which contributions were made to the initial crowdfund to buy the Constitution.

Category: Single-purpose DAO token

Circulating supply: N/A

Market Cap: N/A

Current price: 0.0706 USD

Highest in history: 0.1638 USD

Lowest in history: 0.0007 USD

Market value ranking: 2769


That’s all we are going to cover this week!

I’m Snoopy. See you next week!

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Disclaimer by Snoopy the CCO:

This article is NOT in any form of investment guidance, please research carefully before you make any investment decisions. This article was written on November 30, 2021.



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