Rainbow Crypto Expo #2: IOTA, UNI, BLT, FLOW

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Hello! It’s the CCO of Rainbow 6ix Crypto AND your friend Snoopy again! 🐶

Welcome to your weekly not-to-be-missed potential moonshots!

Last week we’ve covered STORJ, INJ, GALA, and SXP, and you might see it, $GALA has risen significantly from $0.13 to an all-time-high $0.48!

Let’s dive into this week’s Expo now!



In this expo, we will also be focusing on 4 projects.


IOTA is mainly committed to the Internet of Things (IoT), to paying for resources, services, or licenses through machines, building infrastructures such as smart cities, smart grids, and supply chains. In addition, IOTA can become the backbone of any P2P transaction settlement, such as online payment or transfer.

Category: IoT

Circulating supply: 2.78 billion IOTA

Total market value: 3.99 billion USD

Current price: 1.4581 USD

Highest in history: 5.69 USD

Lowest in history: 0.0796 USD

Market value ranking: 48

2. UNI (Uniswap)

We know we know, you might know Uniswap probably since its founding, but we still want to mention it: the new version of Uniswap V3 has one of the biggest changes so far. It is the introduction of a “concentrated liquidity” mechanism, which greatly improves the efficiency of transaction funds, allows transactions to be executed at a better price and faster, and uses DeFi as the core concept to bring a more powerful technical architecture. Uniswap V3 also provides a fee level setting mechanism for liquidity providers. This allows them to choose different levels of transaction fees on their own, which is expected to attract them to provide tokens with lower transaction frequency to the Uniswap fund pool. In addition, Uniswap will use NFT to represent each position invested in the Uniswap fund pool and create a unique image NFT based on the characteristics of each position.

Category: DEX

Circulating supply: 627.86 million UNI

Total market value: 13.17 billion USD

Current price: 20.99 USD

Highest in history: 44.97 USD

Lowest in history: 0.419 USD

Market value ranking: 18

3. BLT (Blocto)

This wallet on the Flow chain has a variety of products including liquid pool, lending, swap, stake mining. As the only mobile wallet, SDK provider, and node operator on the Flow chain, In the beginning, there were not many places to stake FLOW. In addition to Kraken and Coinlist, there was Blocto. As a result, it was hyped up and attracted the attention of the general public. Not only is the handling fee the lowest, the user experience and all aspects are also rather smooth. After all, Blocto’s goal is to create a crypto wallet application that is as simple to use as a “normal application”.

Category: Wallet

Circulating supply (self-reported): 25 million BLT

Total market value: 68.246 million USD

Current price: 2.73 USD

Highest in history: 3.83 USD

Lowest in history: 2.07 USD

Market value ranking: N/A


As we mentioned in BLT, we want to finally address FLOW. The Flow mainnet, the simplification of the Flow Playground platform, and more innovative game dApps are all worth looking forward to. It is expected to continue to rise high. Not only limited to CryptoKitties, Flow is also a dApp platform. As more and more developers publish games on the Flow Chain and dock with mainstream market through Flow, chain games will be used by but more mainstream markets. Accepted by the users, the Flow platform that hosts these game products will also become the biggest winner in the foreseeable future.

Category: Network

Circulating supply: 311.855 million FLOW

Total market value: 4.2 billion USD

Current price: 13.48 USD

Highest in history: 46.16 USD

Lowest in history: 1.5 USD

Market value ranking: 44


That’s all we are going to cover this week!

I’m Snoopy. See you next week!

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Disclaimer by Snoopy the CCO:

This article is NOT in any form an investment guidance, please research carefully before you make any investment decisions.

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