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4 min readDec 29, 2021


Rainbow Crypto Expo #7: ANKR, HNT, SSS, RNDR

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Last week we’ve covered PERP, ANC, CHZ, API3, and the market has seen a slight fall this week. Rainbow 6ix team wishes to remind you again that this article is only for sharing what we see of potential but not for the recommendation.

Let’s dive into this week’s Expo now!


In this expo, we will also be focusing on 4 projects.


Ankr is a distributed computing platform that uses idle computing power of data centers, personal computers and edge devices. Its computing power unlocks the sharing economy based on cloud computing, bringing huge convenience and benefits to suppliers and users. Ankr uses containers, Kubernetes, blockchain, and trusted hardware to bring users cheaper, safer, and better-experienced applications. Recently, Ankr Network allocated $10 million USD to support innovative Web 3.0 projects.

Category: Data

Circulating supply: 8.16 billion ANKR

Market Cap: 856.53 million USD

Current price: 0.1049 USD

Highest in history: 0.2252 USD

Lowest in history: 0.0007111USD

Market value ranking: 105

2. HNT

The Helium network is supported by the Helium blockchain and is called the “People’s Network”. It is a distributed remote wireless hotspot network, creating the next-generation Web3 network. The Helium network uses a consensus mechanism called Proof of Coverage to reward HNT node operators with tokens. The Helium network is one of the largest IoT networks on the market and currently has more than 364,000 hotspots.

Category: IoT

Circulating supply: 105.06 million HNT

Market Cap: 3.97 billion USD

Current price: 37.77 USD

Highest in history: 55.22 USD

Lowest in history: 0.2534 USD

Market value ranking: 43

3. SSS

StarSharks is an NFT-GameFi ecosystem based on the Binance Smart Chain developed join handedly by game players, governance committees, and game developers. It integrates different types of game modes and breaks the barriers between games, allowing players to use the same character to enter the Shark-metaverse. It enables players to gather together to build and manage a new world, and create a community culture. At present, the two rounds of StarSharks internal testing have ended, and the second INO has been conducted on December 8.

Category: GameFi — Metaverse

Circulating supply: N/A

Market Cap: N/A

Current price: 8.00 USD

Highest in history: 14.26 USD

Lowest in history: 7.45 USD

Market value ranking: 3097


Render Network is a blockchain-based distributed GPU rendering network platform of OTOY. It aims to connect more creators with idle GPUs, so that rendering is no longer limited to hardware conditions, but only takes a small amount of time and cost. It provides creators with digital copyright management to further promote the development of Metaverse. OTOY was founded in 2008, and RNDR launched an ICO in October 2017. The RNDR network went fully online in April 2020. At present, it has reached a certain degree of two-way cooperation with major companies such as Apple, Microsoft Azure, Google, Disney, and Unity.

Category: Metaverse

Circulating supply: 188.12 million RNDR

Market Cap: 924.77 million USD

Current price: 4.91 USD

Highest in history: 8.76 USD

Lowest in history: 0.03676 USD

Market value ranking: 218


That’s all we are going to cover this week!

See you next week!


This article is NOT in any form of investment guidance, please research carefully before you make any investment decisions. This article was written on December 28, 2021.

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