BitCoke Cryptocurrency Exchange: Quick Analysis and Top Perks

BitCoke first went online in late 2019, it is a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency derivatives exchange with a wide range of advanced trading tools. It has top-notch security and a pleasing no-downtime record.

BitCoke now ranks 10th among the Top Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchanges, according to CoinMarketCap.

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Quick Analysis


Quanto swap: ETH/BTC/USDT as settlement

Up to 100x leverage

No KYC needed

Industry-leading cold storage

Mobile support

Advanced finance tools supported by cutting-edge technology

Exclusive launchpad


Crypto derivatives are risky for investors

Limited crypto options compared with major exchanges

Top Perks

Quanto Swap

Quanto Swap is what BitCoke has always been proud of. Users can trade using USDT/BTC/ETH as a settlement coin to leverage contracts, thereby reducing trading costs. Quanto swap also allows users to work with more than 50 cryptocurrencies, with a margin to leverage trade perpetual contracts. The Quanto Swap contracts are essentially an inverse perpetual swap. Indeed, from a trading standpoint, it’s similar to traditional finance’s futures contracts, but with a few minor differences:

1) It has no expiry or settlement date.

2) Quanto swap enables perpetual hold of a contract by resembling a margined spot market, where the price fluctuates in lockstep with the underlying asset.

3) Quanto Swap contracts can closely track the spot Index price through Funding.

4) Quanto Swap is different from traditional futures contracts, where market fluctuations can cause significant contango.

5)Quanto Swap accepts 3 Settlement Coin (BTC, ETH, USDT) as margin to leverage trade all perpetual contracts available on BitCoke, as well as to settle PnL (Profit and Loss).

That is, if a user opens a position using the ETH contract after depositing funds into the BitCoke account, the user’s profit from the position will be paid directly in ETH. This is what distinguishes Quanto Swap from other USDT-margined contracts: it lowers transaction fees and saves time. The simplicity of trading with Quanto Swap is what makes the whole process stand out.


BitCoke’s founding team consists of top blockchain investors and senior financial executives. The team has extensive experience in the research and development of Merrill Lynch’s high-frequency trading systems. The CTO and IT team were the key technical personnel from Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and other firms. They are experienced with trading systems, risk management, settlement, and security management. The director of financial products has profound experience in futures derivatives trading and has founded well-known hedge funds and quantitative teams in the industry.

Mobile Support

Not only is the platform available from the website, users can download the Windows or Mac desktop version on their PC/Mac and also access it from an Apple or Android phone.

With mobile support and a UI interface that is carefully optimized for different platforms, BitCoke can be defined as a real-time multi-terminal platform, with practical and professional investment tools for buying and selling.

Exclusive Launchpad

According to reliable sources, BitCoke Launchpad is going to be an exclusive token issuance platform, it is designed to support the crypto ecosystem by offering first access to quality projects to all BitCoke users.

At present, BitCoke’s spot has rapidly expanded to more than 50, and Launchpad is also planned to bring a better experience and greater benefits to BitCoke users.

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BitCoke enables traders to try out new trading strategies such as hedging the value of Bitcoin and Ethereum when anticipating a market drop or taking short positions on weaker altcoin contracts using ETH as a settlement coin. Empowered by Quanto Swap, BitCoke is truly distinguished by its innovative features and flexible trading experience, which will be backed by a diverse, and frequently-updating set of crypto coins.

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*Derivatives are financial instruments, also known as contracts, that base their value on an underlying asset. You don’t own the asset. Instead, you own a contract to buy or sell that asset at a specific price in the future. In this case, that asset is cryptocurrency. BitCoke is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, which means it’s a place where those contracts are bought and sold.

**Any information provided in this article does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, transaction advice, or any other advice, and please do not consider the information provided herein as the advice listed above. This article does not endorse, warrant, guarantee or recommend any certain product. Please do your own research before you decide to use any third-party service.



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