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Rainbow Crypto Expo #9: PHANTABEAR, METIS, TOKE, GODS

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Last week we’ve covered COPYCAT, KYVE, GEL, NAOS, and the market keeps falling drastically, we hope everyone’s ok... Rainbow 6ix team wishes to remind you again that this article is only for sharing what we see of potential but not for the recommendation.

Let’s dive into this week’s Expo now!


In this expo, we will also be focusing on 4 projects.


It is the first time in history that an NFT series has risen to the top of the global sales rankings in such a short period of time. The Bored Ape and Cryptopunk NFT series, which rose to prominence in a matter of months, originally set the record. The PhantaBear’s 10,000 NFTs, which cost more than $1000 USD each at the time, were sold out in less than 40 minutes. Since then, the value of each NFT has increased by more than threefold with the total value of the NFTs valued at $53 million USD at the time this article was published.

Not only is the PhantaBear NFT unique in its value, but also unique in its technology. Ezek promises a unique type of smart contract based NFT for all NFTs sold on their platform. The PhantaBear NFTs, for example, promise a package deal in which the buyer not only receives the art, but also ticket access to virtual concerts and other special access to premium venues as part of owning the NFT. Ezek’s mission is to create one-of-a-kind NFTs that are both highly valuable avant-garde art and special smart contracts that ensure premium perks.

Category: NFTs

Circulating supply: N/A

Market Cap: N/A

Current price: N/A

Highest in history: N/A

Lowest in history: N/A

Market value ranking: N/A


Metis is the infrastructure of Layer 2 that supports the operation of the Web 3.0 economy. The goal of Metis is not just to reduce gas fees and improve transaction efficiency, but to focus on the scalability and ease of construction of functions on Layer 2.

Metis also integrates the architecture of a Decentralized Company (DAC) into its Layer 2 infrastructure, making it easier for developers, project parties and community leaders to build their applications and communities. Metis uses preset tools, templates and interfaces to make application development and collaborative management easier, and enables projects and communities to enjoy the advantages of the Ethereum ecosystem without worrying about Ethereum’s bottlenecks in terms of cost and efficiency.

Metis’ highly scalable Layer2 infrastructure supports a wide range of use cases, including NFT platforms, decentralized social platforms, open-source developer communities, opinion leader communities, gaming communities, gig economy, crowdfunding, liquidity mining, decentralization Exchange, etc.

Category: DeFi infrastructure + DAO

Circulating supply: 2.05 million METIS

Market Cap: 404.13 million USD

Current price: 197.59 USD

Highest in history: 280.32 USD

Lowest in history: 3.29 USD

Market value ranking: 241


Tokemak is a protocol that enables sustainable DeFi liquidity. Liquidity Providers provide assets to be utilized as liquidity and receive a share of returns via fees or emissions as rewards. As DeFi’s decentralized liquidity engine, creates sustainable DeFi liquidity and capital efficiency markets through a convenient decentralized market-making protocol.

Category: DeFi Derivatives

Circulating supply: 5.378 million TOKE (self-reported)

Market Cap: 261.17 million USD

Current price: 49.53 USD

Highest in history: 381.55 USD

Lowest in history: 15.1 USD

Market value ranking: 2896


Gods Unchained is an on-chain card game launched by immutableX, a famous chain game development company. The game mode includes duels, competitions, and battle royale, and two versions have been launched, Trial of the Gods. and the divine order.

Players earn rewards by building various tactical decks and defeating their opponents. The game allows players to freely trade and sell their cards. Gods Unchained closely integrates economic incentives and games. The token GODS can be used in the game to upgrade cards. At the same time, its token utility includes governance and staking functions.

Category: Blockchain Game

Circulating supply: 23.66 million GODS

Market Cap: 69.07 million USD

Current price: 2.92 USD

Highest in history: 8.83 USD

Lowest in history: 2.61 USD

Market value ranking: 524


That’s all we are going to cover this week!

See you next week!


This article is NOT in any form of investment guidance, please research carefully before you make any investment decisions. This article was written on January 11, 2022.

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