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Secure your BitCoke Launchpad Whitelist for THE WHOLE YEAR!

BitCoke, the Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, first went online in late 2019 with a wide range of advanced trading tools. It has top-notch security and a pleasing no-downtime record. BitCoke now ranks 9th among the Top Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchanges, according to CoinMarketCap.

Recently, BitCoke has successfully launched its first IEO Launchpad Project: Richverse. And we are thrilled to co-host the Launchpad Whitelist Campaign with BitCoke to make the Launchpad even more accessible for all blockchain users.

Simply complete easy tasks, you can get whitelisted for BitCoke Launchpad for 2022, share the prize pool of 10,000 BitCoke platform token $COKE, and have a chance to win 100 USDT!

The following are detailed instructions for the one-month campaign, everyone is welcome to participate!

⏰ When:

11:59 pm UTC Wed. March 30–11:59 pm Sat. April 30

📌 Where:

Participate through Gleam here

🎁 How:

Finish the tasks listed on Gleam, leave the rest of the work to us.

✅ Reward 1

Launchpad Whitelist Eligibility for 2022!

Enjoy a WHOLE YEAR of whitelist eligibility for BitCoke Launchpad! The whitelist will grant you early access to the launchpad IEO pre-sales and a discounted purchase price.

Finish all tasks, register, and provide us with your UID, the BitCoke team will get you whitelisted soon after the event ends on April 30.

Reward 2

10,000 $COKE Prize Pool to Share!

(Current $COKE Price: 1 COKE = 1.53 USDT)

It’s not just the whitelist!

Representing the new-generation centralized exchange token, $COKE is the platform token of BitCoke Exchange. COKE holders are entitled to a variety of privileges on BitCoke Exchange such as commission discount, higher yield for cloud mining products, direct access to fixed-income products, and launchpad IEOs.

By finishing all tasks, you will automatically enter the 10,000 $COKE prize pool that’s to be divided evenly, e.g., if there are 1,000 eligible participants, each will receive 10 $COKE in their BitCoke account soon after the event ends on April 30.

Reward 3

Bonus USDT Lucky Draw: 100 USDT for 5 Winners!

Last but not least, we will randomly pick 3 winners from the Reward 2 prize pool and gift 100 USDT to their BitCoke accounts soon after the event ends on April 30.


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